Our Organization

Gateway International Is ... a network of ministries and individuals dedicated to bringing to the world the message of Kingdom Identity from Heaven's perspective. Jesus' prayer for us coming into our full inheritance as the Sons of God is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Leadership


John and Ruth Filler are Executive Overseers and founders of Gateway International in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. They have been in active ministry over 40 years ranging from from worship ministry, youth pastors, senior pastors of a local church to founders and overseers of apostolic ministry and business networks with global awareness and involvement. In these past 4 decades they have been a part of, as well as, eye witnesses to huge paradigm shifts that are occurring in the Church. John and Ruth believe that Papa is moving His people from a pastor-centered model of leadership to an apostolic team-centered leadership which is mobile and flexible.

Due to accelerated changes and seeing the need for the Church to embrace her original design, John and Ruth are determined to be a resource to teach and equip for these changing times. Their hearts are to disciple true sons of God who will discover their authentic identity - fully living and thriving from an open-heaven, Kingdom- minded lifestyle through intimacy with the Father. A people, completely unleashed in blissful pursuit!

"We are partakers of His divine nature and glory on earth" (2 Pet.1:3,4)

Both John and Ruth speak into conferences, churches, and seminars, ministering both nationally and internationally. They have founded and oversee, "Access: Unlimited Schools and Conferences", which is an international adventure. They reside in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and have been married 35+ years. They have one son and daughter-in-love, one daughter and son-in-love, as well as 5 of the world's cutest grandchildren.

Melissajoy has a passion for Throne Room intercession and intimacy, as well as for missions, both in the United States and internationally. She lives in Rathdrum, Idaho, and has one wonderful son and a beautiful daughter-in-law.


Bill & Jane are both from small towns in Western Nebraska and were married in 1973. They have moved 18 times throughout the US with a year in the Middle East, doing mission work and Prayer wherever we go. Bill & Jane founded Spearhead Ministries in 2000 with an emphasis on strategic prayer initiatives which focus on the people of Islam and the Lakota Nation. They served 3 years on Gateway CDA's core team and were ordained as Ministers of the Gospel by Gateway International in 2016 and currently reside near the Lakota Nation.


Joshua desires to bridge the gap between generations, nations, denominations, cultures, mountains, spheres, and heaven and earth to bring them into the true ecstatic union with God.