Access Unlimited 2019

By John Filler

In case any of you are new to our ministry or website, plus due to the fact that we are highlighting our recent “Access Unlimited 2019” gathering in our V-log this month, I wanted to give the background behind it, so everyone will know why we are called to bring this vital Kingdom-Message wherever we go!


Equipping You to Express Your Original Identity

After years of “local church” ministry and international travel, John & I identified a common thread of what we were seeing in the lives of so many people in the Church/Ecclesia: Lack of understanding, or even knowing the importance of, our “Original Identity”!

As we began to seek Papa’s direction as to what our part should be in bringing this as a foundational teaching, we began to hear others begin to mention it as well. There seemed to be an ever-increasing sense of the need for bringing forth revelation and understanding of this key principle, wherever we went!

In our desire to develop teaching and application that would be of benefit to the whole body, we began to “brainstorm” between us, and even others of like-mindedness that had been sensing the same thing. As we searched for a one or two word title that would somehow express what we felt Papa was desiring to open up in in the lives of His people, we heard “Access Unlimited!” We weren’t looking for just a new “buzz-word” or “catchy title”, but truly something that would draw people into intimacy,(“into-me-see”), and face to face encounter with a relational Papa!

On an interesting side note, as we’ve used the title, “Access Unlimited”, for our teachings or for conferences, we’ve often used the shortened version, AU...”, and one day as we were meeting with a newer team member, who had not been part of the time when we were looking for a name, asked us if was intentional that we chose “AU”, since that is the symbol for “Gold” on the elements table? It was a fun moment as we realized how “Jehovah-Sneaky”,(our special name for Papa when He plays with us or surprises us), had even orchestrated such a seemingly, “coincidental” play on words! We were convinced that Papa was pleased and that what we were called to bring, was the equivalency of gold into the lives of this, “Ecclesia Rising” generation, which has actually become a three-fold process:

        >“Pulling-out-the-gold”, already deposited in them

        >“Pouring-in-the-gold”, that Papa has deposited

            in us to bring forth

        > Raising them up so they will also do this in the

            lives of those they influence!

Out of our times of brainstorming and developing this platform, so to speak, we developed what we thought were questions that a majority of people have asked Papa, or even within themselves, over the years.

Have you ever asked yourself:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What was I created to be?

What is my purpose here on Earth?

What is my eternal design?

Access Unlimited is here to help you deepen your journey and discover those things.

“You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.”

Psalms 139:16 NLT

As was mentioned above, Access Unlimited was born out of John’s & my personal quest as we longed to deepen our relationship with our Creator. By the power of that intimacy through revelation, we began to uncover mysteries and understand that our original design as sons of God was much bigger than we could ever imagine. Our desire was that the Body of Christ needed to transition into this next phase of walking in the truth out of their authentic identity.

The purpose of Access Unlimited is to help people see the need to embrace their original design. Our desire was and still is to have opportunity to: speak in local churches or gatherings, bring intensive 3-day schools, conferences, that will biblically teach and equip, giving keys and releasing impartation to people for these changing times.

Operating from the realm of the Spirit strengthens true Sons of God and helps them fully discover their authentic identity - fully living and thriving from an open-heaven, Kingdom-minded lifestyle through intimacy with the Father.

A people, completely unleashed in blissful pursuit!

"We are partakers of His divine nature and glory on earth"   (2 Pet.1:3,4)

So here we are 6 years later, seeing “Access Unlimited” aligning, expanding internationally and shifting to adapt and embrace ongoing revelation from heaven, and ALWAYS with an open ear to Papa and where He is going!

Our prayer is that your own  “AU-experience”, will enhance the fruitfulness of your current walk and bring powerful results in your ministry to the “mountain of influence” that is within you!!

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving! John & Ruth Filler

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