Ruth and I want to welcome you to Access Unlimited 2019. Papa has brought together a dynamic team including John Filler, Kirby De Lanerolle, Ruth Filler, and Michael Danforth.
We believe that 2019 already is unfolding as a significant year of divine alignments, which is going to set the stage for the year 2020... the year of divine order... the setting of our spiritual sights to be open and seeing clearly. Fulfillment of alignment and order come from the heart of a generation who is intentional about their God-written scrolls.
The literal meaning of this verse is meant to come from intentional and intimate sons. "MANY ARE CALLED, BUT FEW CHOOSE TO BE CHOSEN."
We want to say to all, that the purpose of this gathering is for those who will lean into the alignment process by intentionally choosing to be chosen. This time together will give incentive and direction, placing a deep hunger within to make that choice.
We're overshadowing this and fully inviting and expecting that the Spirits of Revelation and Wisdom will be present, opening up the "Eyes of Our Understanding" to see, mature and move us more into our God-given authority.
Make plans now... register today... see you there!!!


Youth General Registration
  • Before Sept. 25th, 2019

  • For ages 13-18.

  • $49 per person includes all sessions except the breakfast buffet session.


  • Adult General Registration

  • Before Sept. 25th, 2019.

  • $120 per person includes all sessions except the breakfast buffet session.


  • Special Breakfast
  • Saturday Sept. 28th
  • A special buffet session is limited to the first 100 registrants. Cost is $25 per person. This is in addition to the regular conference registration fee.
At-the-Door Registration
  • $59 Youth - ages 13-18
  • $130 per Adult
  • $20 per person for individual sessions, Youth and Adults.
  • At-the-door registration is not available for the breakfast buffet session.

Session Schedule

Wednesday, September 25th
5:30 PM Doors Open
  • 6:30 PM First Session

Thursday, September 26th
  • 10:00 AM Second Session

  • 02:00 PM Third Session

  • 06:30 PM Fourth Session

Friday, September 27th
  • 10:00 AM Fifth Session

  • 02:00 PM Sixth Session

  • 06:30 PM Seventh Session

Saturday, September 28th
  • 10:00 AM Breakfast Buffet Session with the speakers is available for the first 100 registrants ($25 additional per person).

No childcare will be provided.
Free-will offerings will be received.



JOHN FILLER has been in active ministry for over 35+ years, He has spoken at many seminars and conferences, both nationally and internationally. He has a deep desire for all of God’s people to find their true identity in Him, to discover and fulfill their destiny and eternal purpose in the Kingdom. John's personal morphing and on-going journey into the Father’s heart has given him sensitivity and authority to speak into the lives of individuals, as well as a unique ability to steward corporate moves of Holy Spirit. These life changes have led him into many cultures and sub-cultures, where he has had the privilege of bringing a number of people into their own relationship with God. Living beyond the torn veil in the Presence of God as a life-style is a passionate place in his heart, effectively releasing Heaven to Earth. John is in the beginning stages of being an author and has 3 books that he is currently writing. He and his wife Ruth, reside in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho as Overseers of Gateway International Ministry Resource Center, Founders of Access Unlimited Schools and Conferences and City Gates Business Nexus. They have been married 35+ years and have a son and daughter-in-love, a daughter and son-in-love, as well as 6 amazing grandchildren.
KIRBY DE LANEROLLE and his wife Fiona started WOW LIFE (WOW aka “Works of Wonder”) in response to the wondrous works of God in a community of believers.
The WOW LIFE video/podcast has over 270,000 downloads to date. They have been hosted and ministered along side Prophet Kobus van Rensburg, Patricia King, Prophet Undi Williams and Joshua Mills.
In 2012, through the revelation that “man shall not live on bread alone…” he accomplished the seemingly impossible feat of completing a half marathon without eating for 2 months, sustained only by the Holy Communion. This feat was featured in the local media. The power of the Lord’s communion was demonstrated through signs and wonders.
As a forerunner, Kirby has been featured on NatGeo and TedX and many other media channels for their unique ministry. He has influence beyond the church, even into the new age world as well as corporate and government world.
Kirby ministers in the prophetic and teaching office with forensic prophecies, healing, unusual signs & wonders confirming the Word!
Kirby currently holds the position of Coordinator to the Ministry of Christian Religious Affairs for free and independent churches in Sri Lanka.
Kirby is highly esteemed and recommended by many in Gateway International’s current tribal stream. We believe that he comes with timely revelation for the rising Ecclesia and carries an unusual high-level Kingdom governmental authority.



RUTH FILLER is an Executive Overseer of Gateway International, along with her husband John. She has a strong belief that "the most important day of your life is not the day you are born, but the day you discover 'why' you were born! There is an eternal purpose for everyone far greater than our earthly existence. She has been on an intense pursuit of "becoming and being" all she was created for and to see others come to such an awesome discovery for themselves! There is a huge transition going on even now, as the Church truly discovers the awe and wonder of of engaging the realm of the Spirit, that has been available to us all along! Ruth speaks into conferences, churches, and seminars, ministering both nationally and internationally. Ruth and John live in Coeur d'Alene, ID. and have been married 35+ years She has an awesome son and "daughter-in-love" and daughter and "son-in-love" and 6 of the most special grandchildren on earth!


MICHAEL DANFORTH, with Mountain Top International in Yakima, Washington believes that the Mountain of the Lord’s house is an eternal government of love that is destined to rule over every mountain(kingdom) in the world. We believe this same glorious intent will be fulfilled to the fullest extent possible. It is our belief that all nations (all people) will enter into this eventual heavenly government. This is our destiny. We are first, sons and daughters of God, friends, brothers and sisters in the Lord. Our goal is to be conformed to his image and likeness, thus reaching the highest mark, which is to manifest the love of the Father’s heart toward all creation. We believe in a glorious future, one of which will manifest the finale appearing of Jesus Christ in his people. We are highly motivated to fundamentally and supernaturally equip all tribes and nations to govern their own lives according to the desire of heaven working in them.



ELISABETH COOPER is a worship leader and speaker from the Pacific Northwest. She is passionate about seeing the Bride of Christ enter into the fullness of her inheritance. In spontaneous prophetic worship she delves into the heart of God, opening up realms, creating a place for glory, healing, transformation, and the love and justice of God to be made manifest in individuals, cities, and nations.

Spokane Valley Event Center
10514 E. Sprague Ave.
Spokane Valley, WA 99206
Phone: 208-820-GATE (208-820-4283)
Email: info@gatewayintl.org