European Trip Update - 2019

By John Filler

The Lord did so much on this last assignment to Europe and we wanted to be sure to share it with you! There is no way that we would be able to carry the joy of the Gospel of the Kingdom to the hearts of the many we touch without all of you who join with us!


We were filled with such great anticipation as we fulfilled our first ACCESS UNLIMITED gathering in Friesland, the northern region of The Netherlands. People came from around the nation to join with us.
What a powerful adventure in the Spirit as those that attended, leaned in to the plumb line of Truth as it was released. Alignment came and you could literally see adjustment in the hearts of the many that were there. It was on their countenance. So many testimonies of Papa's goodness and His transforming power were being released, that we devoted one entire session to the "Power of the Testimony".

The team of Gateway International and Access Unlimited (Including Billie Jo Draine) would like to thank, Henk and Bertineke Sikkema (Hosts), Ilai and Egbertje Lojenga (Worship) and their crew at Stay and Pray Event Center for opening the door of love and hospitality to us, and for their nurturing the realm of the Spirit in that great region. We felt embraced!

A castle in the Dordogne region of Southwest France was our home once again for one entire week! As we were in this same beautiful region last year, it doesn't get old, beautiful countryside, rolling hills of apples, sunflowers and vineyards.
In this setting, 50 people gathered to understand and anchor themselves in their original identity. Understanding what Heaven has to say about them. Ruth and I were co-teaching with Stevie McKee from Scotland.
The Spirit of Revelation, Understanding and Wisdom were active. A spiritual plumb line was once again released into the hearts of an expectant and hungry people as they acknowledged the work within.
Spirit of Truth(The Word) is the plumb line and the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord is that which brings order when there is obedience. Testimonies of significant change were spoken throughout the entire week.
Ruth and I, along with Melissajoy and Jacque Parke recognized an amazing maturity of those in attendance, being the most fruitful gathering in the last 3 years of ministering in Europe. "Europe Shall Be Saved!" It's happening!

A major thanks to our amazing friends and family, Koos and Georgine Hartnack and the team of Father's Royal Love, plus the ascension worship of Jacco and Nympha Dijs brought us right up into the Mountain. So good!