Convergence of New Decades 5780 / 2020

By John Filler

The world has just crossed a threshold into a new and fresh decade and there is such anticipation in the hearts of everyone I’ve personally connected with, both locally and internationally.

Decades come and go, but there’s been something in the realm of the spirit for the last two years that has prepared many in their hearts with an anticipation for this new season.  

The atmosphere has undeniably changed and there is amazing expectation everywhere!

When most people enter a new year, usually their focus is on a series of things they desire to change or rid of in their lives. It’s great to look at 2020 as a new year and make short-range goals, but somehow I believe that many are focusing on this new decade more than just the new year.

There are many in the Body of Christ that have labeled 2020 this first year of the decade, the “Year of Vision”. With a play on “20/20 Vision”, many hearts and minds have and are turning toward an intentional desire to see.

Prophets have leaned into the 2020 Vision and have given their prophetic view concerning the new year. Some have said, oh, that’s too easy or too obvious and there have been those within the Church that have laughed and even mocked at those who have had fresh prophetic insight in their own heart, also based on 20/20 Vision.

For the new decade, there are those that are calling it “The Roaring 20’s”. . . .again, a few say, “too obvious.”

Listen, even the world is prophesying new vision. . . . .new goals in this new season! Let’s choose to celebrate the vision and life that is being released into the atmosphere.

I want to admonish you not to label these declarations as wrong, weak or incomplete. We know in part and we should not minimize the gold within, no matter how obvious something is. What may be old manna to us, may be fresh bread to someone else. Their revelation is their revelation. Their level of their journey is theirs. We so easily get caught up in competition with those we feel are not measuring to par with us. These are the very things that break down the union of the Body of Christ, even if spoken into the atmosphere. We’re too quick to judge those around us, rather than allowing their opinion to be valid or right. We need to guard our hearts and keep from speaking divisive words.

Proverbs 4:23
Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.”


Matthew 12:34b-35
For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.
A good man out of the good treasures of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things.”


To that end, I want to bring some insight as to why I validate these that are shouting and declaring, “2020 Vision!”

From my perspective and insight, the Gregorian year, 2020 is a byproduct of the Hebraic year, 5780.

5780; The Year of the Oracle

The following was a post that I released to my Facebook family in September on the Jewish New Year:

“There is two-fold prophetic value that I see in the start of this year, 5780.
Numbers are certainly a clarion language of My Father and He speaks so clear to me in this way.

Let me simply break down what I see:
5 = Grace
7 = Perfection or Completion
The two of them together equals
12 = Government
80 = Mouth or Oracle

There is the rising of a Kainos (never seen before) governmental tribe that with integrity in their hearts, with the high praise of God in their mouth and two-edged sword in their hands (Psalm 149:6), excel with accuracy in the release of “Word of the Lord”! This is the Word cutting through the chase of the lies of the adversary and bringing healing by the precision of the Light of the Truth.
This is a Chosen Generation in Union, aligned with the 7 Spirits of God, led by the Spirit of The Fear of the Lord and propelled by lavish Love from Heaven’s Heart!
The “Thus saith the Lord!” will once again be the “Thus saith the Lord!” No questions asked.
These are not chosen, but these are those who Choose to be Chosen.
Peace in the Journey! Shalom!”

There is a distinct sound emerging. It is not voiceless, but rather a sound, the noise of a multitude of voices. The sound of an army rising. A shift is happening. The distinctives of this shift center around the number 80, reflecting the Hebraic New Year.

The hour for the birth of what has been in formation is upon us. Precise prophetic vision is birthing apostolic delivery. For those who have endured and not let go of the promises of God, do not give up. The sound is declaring the advance and victory.


The number 80 is the letter Pey in the Hebraic aleph bet (alphabet).

As we turn from the decade of the 70's to the decade of the 80's, there is a sense of that shift.  

70 in Hebrew is "Ayin" or eye ע - to know or experience.

80 in Hebrew is "Pey," פּ. To Hebrews, “pey” means mouth.


The importance of this transition is centered on the power of our words. The Word of God is the very force of creation itself. Creation was propelled by the spoken word of God repeatedly saying, “Then God said, Gen 1. John 1:1 states, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  

As the touch of God rests on you and I, and the creative force of the Word is spoken, what we say carries weight and can impact the atmosphere around us.  

Proverbs 18:21 clearly states, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue." This has to be a year and decade that our speech carries life, that clears atmospheres for the promises of God to come. 

Our prophetic declarations and the declarations of God’s Word are a creative force. He watches over His word to prosper it and it will not return void, Is. 55:11.

This is a new year, a decade of favor to speak that which we have seen and know and to call it into being. As we speak out, the creative force of God will generate activity for establishment.

That "which is not" will come into being, Mark 4:22. Seed, long contended for and held back will spring into new life.  

John 12:24 states, “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone, and if it dies, it produces much grain.” This is a picture of what happens to hidden seed when the word of life hits it. Suddenly it springs into new life. That which was seemingly dead and dormant takes on a new life.  

Declarations carry the message, but the establishment must come from the call and active stewardship over the word. In other words, this is a season to not only speak, but to be actively engaged in the process to bring to delivery.

In this season of shift, the hearing of your voice will be essential! Your eyes must be held firmly above the distress of the times and issues you see and focus on the heavenly realms, operate from there and release the purposes of God.  

Revelation 4:1 says, “Come up here, for I must show you things to come.”


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