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By: John & Ruth Filler & Melissajoy Hayton
Sharing God's amazing Love on our last adventure in His service!
By: Ruth Filler
Highlighting Isaiah 9: 6-7 . The Wonderful One!
By: Ruth Filler
Russ Doyl and Thea Loughery join John & Ruth Filler in reviewing the Septembers Access Unlimited 2019!
By: John Filler
The Lord did so much on this last assignment to Europe and we wanted to be sure to share it with you!
By: John Filler
Sometimes when we feel upside down, it's the perfect opportunity for realigning. Learn how Papa's plumb line of love resets our minds and changes our world!

By: John Filler
Do you know the satisfaction of alignment? Discover the beauty and intimacy of this "holy chaos" that brings our fulfillment and the restoration of all creation!

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Ruth Filler and John Filler discuss highlights of Isaiah 9: 6-7 and more!
Russ Doyl & Thea Loughery join John & Ruth in reviewing Septembers Access Unlimited 2019!
John & Ruth Filler discuss how we can change our world by taking advantage of opportunities to realign ourselves with God's love!
John & Ruth Filler discuss an encounter John had regarding the current realigning of all creation by the frequencies of the spoken Word.