Access Unlimited 2018 - Session 01 - Robert Henderson

Access Unlimited 2018 - Session 01 - Robert Henderson

In this session, Robert gives an introduction to the Courts of Heaven. He shares his own personal story of how God brought him into understanding about the Courts of Heaven and applying its principles.

Have you prayed for healing or breakthrough in a particular area, but are still waiting for fulfillment? Often it's because the enemy has a legal claim against you that can only be dealt with by going to the Courts. Robert gives examples of exactly those types of situations, and explains how to deal with them in the Courts of Heaven.

Robert gives not only personal stories as examples, but also shows in scripture where Jesus dealt with the legal aspect before healing and working miracles. He touches on unbelief and religious spirits, and how they can also hinder us from receiving deliverance and breakthrough.

This is a foundational session, giving a context and framework for understanding the Courts of Heaven.

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