Access Unlimited 2018 - Session 02 - Robert Henderson

Access Unlimited 2018 - Session 02 - Robert Henderson

In this session, Robert lays some groundwork for operating in the Courts of Heaven and unpacks how this can unlock your destiny.

He brings clarity by distinguishing between prayer and going into the Courts of Heaven - they are not the same thing! He also touches on things that can hinder us from entering into the Courts of Heaven, including religious backgrounds.

He especially deals with cleansing your bloodlines from generational issues. He explains how these things can still be affecting us (even after we have already "dealt with them" in sozo, deliverance, inner healing, etc.) until we specifically deal with them legally in the Courts of Heaven.

All these things can block us from entering into our destiny, and by taking care of them in the Courts of Heaven, we can see our destinies unlocked and finally step into them!

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