Access Unlimited 2018 - Session 04 - Robert Henderson

Access Unlimited 2018 - Session 04 - Robert Henderson

How do we overcome accusation in the Courts of Heaven? Scripture tells us it is by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony, but what does that look like in practical application?

Robert reveals five strategies we should use when building our case to present on our behalf. He also shows that the foundation for all these strategies is understanding that the Courts of Heaven are not for complaining about what's wrong in our lives, but rather for declaring the purposes of God for our lives and releasing them to be manifested.

Our giving and handling of our finances is a key element that many people don't realize also speaks on our behalf (or against us) in the Courts of Heaven. Robert illuminates this in scripture, and teaches how to ensure your offerings carry a good testimony on your behalf.

Finally, Robert ends the session by leading a prayer that puts all these strategies together, so you know how to do it on a practical level and can begin using it in your own life!

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