Access Unlimited 2019 - Session 01 - Kirby DeLanerolle

Access Unlimited 2019 - Session 01 - Kirby DeLanerolle

 What is the connection between faith, justice, and righteousness? Why did Jesus curse the fig tree that was not producing fruit, even though it was not in season? Kirby weaves through scripture to connect all these ideas together and reveal our vital role in them.

When the manifest sons of God are revealed, all of creation will respond: there will be no more seed time and harvest, no seasons of producing and not producing – everything will always be in season. The fig tree should have responded to Jesus, even though it was not in season, so He cursed it. As sons, we are also called to nullify things that produce only in season – it is a type of injustice.

Likewise, we should receive justice for any injustices in our lives, any areas of lack or wounding. Jesus purchased full redemption and recompense for us on the cross! He purchased righteousness for us, which includes justice in the full definition in the Greek. When we recognize this truth and embrace it in faith, we can rise into our role as sons and nullify any injustices we see in our lives and the lives of others. Then, like Abraham, our faith will be counted to us as righteousness – as justice.

This is a heady topic, but Kirby enables it to sink deep into your spirit. Engage with this message and have your faith stirred up to administer Kingdom justice as manifest sons!

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