Access Unlimited 2019 - Session 02 - Kirby DeLanerolle

Access Unlimited 2019 - Session 02 - Kirby DeLanerolle

 Building on the previous session, Kirby shows how our ability to administer Kingdom justice is rooted in our confidence before God. There is nothing wrong with wanting to discern between good and evil, as Adam & Eve wanted to – God wants good judges. But we must do it through the redemption of the cross, not striving to do it on our own like they did.

The Pharisees sat in the seat of Moses, they were judges. Jesus did not criticize them for that, He criticized them for being hypocrites, being “whitewashed tombs” – adhering to the externalities of the law, but having their hearts far from Him. In order to be good judges, and not hypocrites, we need to draw near to God in our hearts – and in order to do that, we need to have confidence in His presence. If we hide under fig leaves like Adam & Eve, we have no confidence before Him.

The cross gives us that: it cleanses our conscience so that we can “boldly approach the throne of grace with confidence,” and stand naked before Him, unafraid, knowing He won’t accuse us. When we have this confidence before God, we can have conversations with Him, and say like Solomon, “give me an understanding heart so that I may judge your people.”

Discover what it means to have a cleansed conscience and the true freedom that gives us in the presence of God!

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