Access Unlimited 2019 - Session 05 - Kirby DeLanerolle

Access Unlimited 2019 - Session 05 - Kirby DeLanerolle

Do you have a right understanding of faith? The Word of Faith movement carried a great revelation, but often times we turn it into performance. We try to declare just the right words, just the right scriptures, just the right prayers.

Kirby reveals that true faith is about being honest before God. When we have doubts, we don’t try to declare them away. We come boldly before the throne of God and are honest with Him about our unbelief. Sara laughed at the promise she would have a child, yet she still ended up in the Hall of Faith. Why? She didn’t believe, but she was honest before God! She didn’t turn away from Him, she didn’t try to drum up faith on her own.

We can only be honest before God if we are sure of His love for us – this builds on Kirby’s message from Session 2 about having confidence before God. Our confidence to boldly approach the throne is what allows us to be honest with Him about our doubts and unbelief. Every time the word boldness is in scripture, you also have the word confession. We boldly confess our doubts to Him, knowing he will help our unbelief.

Let Kirby unpack all this for you, so you may be emboldened before God and have your faith strengthened and renewed! 

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