Access Unlimited 2019 - Session 06 - Michael Danforth

Access Unlimited 2019 - Session 06 - Michael Danforth

Do you know that celebration is powerful, and is connected to breakthrough?

Celebration ushers in our breakthrough – when we are upset about the state of the world, we are implicitly agreeing with the idea that the enemy is bigger than God, rather than the other way around. When Jesus read from Isaiah in the synagogue, He read that “…the time of the Lord’s favor has come.” And then He said that it was fulfilled in their hearing – which means it is already done! We are living in the Lord’s favor NOW. And we enter into and embrace this favor by celebrating it!

The power to creating the future is to celebrate the outcome before it becomes visible. He has already overcome and He’s waiting for the people of God to rise up and celebrate the victory! The Hebrew word for celebrate means to prepare, to keep or observe a festival. We’re preparing for the feast of God that is going come on the earth! So we need to shift into the realm of expectation and begin celebrating what is to come.

Anything not in line or in sync with the intent of God is an illusion. When we realize that truth, it becomes our gateway to releasing the celebration of heaven on earth. Listen to this message and join the party!

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