Access Unlimited 2020 - Session 02 - Justin Abraham

Access Unlimited 2020 - Session 02 - Justin Abraham

This gathering was in Yahweh's heart and the tag line, "The Eyes of their Understanding be Opened", was given to us in 2018. He certainly makes no mistakes, knowing what each of us would encounter crossing the threshold into 2020.

Much has changed as the World and life as we know it in this dimension literally came to a halt... a selah set in place for the Church to reflect and realign, as well as our spiritual eyes to be opened. Our spirit man is being awakened to our original identity and the eternal purposes of Yahweh aligned for this New Era of which we've crossed into.

This watermark event will bring fresh revelation to your life and for living in this time from within the Mountain of the Lord. It's time for the sons to be exposed with Wisdom and collectively, the Ekklesia to rise into her powerful authority on the Earth.

Hosts, John and Ruth Filler, invite you to enjoy this powerful and informing gathering online with speakers Justin Paul Abraham and Paul Keith Davis.

This session features Justin Abraham.

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