Ekklesia Rising - Session 02 - Justin Abraham

Ekklesia Rising - Session 02 - Justin Abraham

What does it look like when we actually put into practice the fruits of what God accomplished for us?

The gospel is the glad message of a happy God! But do we really believe this? Intoxication is the natural condition of those who believe the gospel – it is the consequence of being permanently united with Him!

C. S. Lewis said “Joy is the serious business of heaven.” And indeed it is – joy is the overflow of realizing we truly are united with Christ, seated in heavenly places with Him. The more we realize this, the more we learn to expand our spirits and administrate the government of heaven here on earth!

Justin stirs your spirit with examples from his own life of how he and his team have practiced this, affecting their own country of Great Britain in numerous ways – from the government, to the economy, even to the weather! We are made to rule and reign with Him.

He closes with a courtroom session dealing with spiritual apathy, and a guided repentance for having been unbelieving believers. Start believing and recover the joy of your salvation!

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